When I met Ellen I had already been following her Facebook page and watching her help clients for a while. I wanted to see if what I did would help her do what she does. It took us awhile to finally connect and when we did we had a great time getting to know each other.  Sitting at the local coffee and chocolate house we talked about what she was needing in her life and how a mala could help. The main request was clarity. She wanted to use Abalone and likes blues and greens.

Amazonite is the majority of the stones along with Aventurine sprinkled in the mix. Amazonite is a good luck stone that echoes the color of the Amazon river. A stone of clarity it works with the Heart and Throat chakras to truthfully communicate our hearts desires. Amazonite helps create opportunities of being in the right place at the right time and prosperity. Add “The Luckiest Stone” to the mix and opportunities abound. Aventurine quiets roving thoughts and is a reaffirming stone during times of change aiding in clarity. Also working with the Heart chakra, Aventurine encourages us to…. Speculate to accumulate.

While Ellen was able to go through some of my personal mala’s she gravitated towards the Aquamarine, which is natural since she has a fondness for the ocean. As a connection stone to the sea it’s conducive to revelations and accelerates intellectual reasoning and is used by prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics.

Onyx beads are used as markers to harnesses the power of cleansing and releasing negative energy so that thoughts can be interpreted more clearly. A great stone for protection and overcoming hesitancy with strong intuition.

One of the other stones Ellen was attracted to was Pietersite. One of my personal favorites, it is often called the Tempest Stone and is considered to hold the “Key to the Heavens”. I was able to find just the right shade of blue to compliment the greens and use it as a the Guru bead. Comprised of Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Jasper in Quartz; Pietersite is an amazing stone to use for inner guidance, wisdom and making the right choices. It helps open us up to new thoughts and ideas as well as being more observant. The yellow and browns in Tiger’s Eye works with the lower chakras while the blue in the Hawk’s Eye works with the Throat and Third Eye chakras. Pietersite creates a clearing and cleansing of energy fields and is great for aligning all chakra’s. As the Guru bead, it’s an extremely powerful bead that enhances the other beads intentions through it’s own Quartz powers and student/teacher relationship. Perfect for shamanic journeying and seeing the big picture over time.

The tassel always represents the lotus flower and reminds us that without mud there would be no lotus while white symbolizes new birth and new beginnings with a clean slate. Adding Abalone adds natural shielding with tranquility and confidence while a higher perspective allows us to view situations with understanding. The mother-of-pearl that lines the abalone shell, in tandem with the shell itself, are said to activate intuitive qualities like clarity in regards to situations.

Using all the stones in the mala and harnessing their natural powers can aid in the clarity desired. Depending on how often you use/handle your mala, you may want to sage, cleanse, and charge accordingly. To learn more about each stone please visit some of my favorite websites below.


|Peace & Love


Amazonite – Stone of Courage and Truth used to communicate true thoughts. A stone of prosperity it assists one in being in the right place at the right time for new opportunities. Increase in clarity and self-esteem.

Aventurine – Thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. Aligns conditions so that opportunity is inevitable. Works with the Heart chakra and brings joy and a zest for life. Reinforces decisiveness and helps with geopathic stress. Balances emotions bringing inner harmony.

Aquamarine – Calming, connection to the sea, conducive to revelations, a stone of shamans. Works with the Throat chakra. Accelerates intellectual reasoning. Travel crystal, especially near or around water or over long distance. Useful through transition and change. Empowerment. Ani-aging effects and useful in baths along with salts.

Onyx – A powerful warrior stone it helps stop negative thought patterns. Free’s one from self-doubt and is a marvelous stone for wise decision-making and amplifying intuitive gifts. Keen senses and sharp instincts. Great for energy retention when a boost is needed to keep up physically. Helps block and transmute negative energy from others by releasing it back to Universe as a more positive vibration. Happiness and good fortune are around the corner.

Pietersite – Capable of tapping in to Akashic records. Master skills of teaching and speaking. Grounds the physical energy centers to etheric realms. Holds the “Key to the Heavens”.

Serenity 2

Serenity2.2A favorite of everyone’s, Serenity was gifted to someone who recently inspired me. It’s beauty was striking and is still missed. Serenity 2 was inspired by the first creation and is a heavier version of the first.

Rhodonite in rondelle shape creates a shorter and more weighty mala. Onyx and Howlite pick up and energize the colors in Rhodonite.

Invite peace and healing back into your heart with this mala. As one of the most powerful heart chakra stones, Rhodonite encourages us to let go of old heartache and past trauma. Onyx lets us dive deeper into our heart and explore forgiveness while adding protection. Howlite helps us calmly process these emotions and provides us with peace and contentment. The Rose Quartz guru bead provides the finishing touch to dissolve those emotional wounds and speaks directly to the Heart chakra, allowing for full healing and opening us up to give and receive love.

Use as part of your meditation or wear it close to your heart during the day to remind you of your intentions to live heart centered.


Gifted to Santuario de Karuna


Amber1_wmWhen Amber contacted me about creating a mala for her, she asked for energy and patience. A single mom with small children at home. She also works with children daily so she needs both, for sure. Her favorite color is brown so the first stones that came to mind were Tiger’s Eye. I’ve also had Picture Jasper just waiting for a new home and this was the perfect opportunity.

I love using mixed colored Tiger’s Eye in my malas. The different colors add a depth and help with more of the chakra and color energies. An ultimate power stone, Tiger’s Eye helps with focused and fearless intentions.

Two Garnet marker stones connects to the the Root Chakra stimulating vitality and energy. Garnet is also associated with the Heart Chakra and love.

Two Onyx marker beads above the Tiger’s Eye are powerful protectors against negative energy and connection to Sagittarius. They can help stop negative thought patterns and help us face our fears.

Picture Jasper, also connected to the Root Chakra and adding physical and spiritual energy, is a nurturing and healing stone. An ancient stone that has been used to connect to Mother Earth for centuries. The third marker bead is White Quartzite and stabilizes the effects of positive changes. This stone will help in the longevity of the intention and balance of energy.

Completing the mala is a Tiger’s Eye Guru bead bringing healing and energy full circle. Turquoise on the tassel is a Master Healing stone and your power stone. It may be the oldest stone in man’s history as a talisman for shamans, kings, and warriors. Perfect for overall healing of body, mind, and spirit. Turquoise is associated with the Throat Chakra and helps in our communication. As energy is increased and harmony is restored, patience will start to flow easily and words will be more effective in your daily life.

To start, take time and sit with your mala. Just notice it’s uniqueness in colors, the way they feel, and their energy. You’ll find that a few will jump out at you. Take time to have a special connection with those. You can wear them around your neck or around your wrist. Similar to a rosary they’re intended to connect to a higher self and power so a special place that is visited often and has good vibes is an excellent place to store them when not in use. I hope they bring a positive change and help heal those energy blocks. Much Love!






Dear Rebecca,  there’s just too much to include in a tiny Thank You card and I’m certain there would be many more errors if I hand wrote this; so here’s more of the back story to your mala and your personal page for posterity. Oh yeah, I’m the one that entered a submission a few months back telling you of the cherry pit that fell on my laptop at the same time I was actually writing to you.

This year, I read three books that changed my life. You may have read them already. The first was Conversations With God. It unlocked the key to who I truly am and set me on a spiritual path that’s still being unveiled but one that I am committed to and excited to be on. The second was The Tenth Insight; Holding the Vision. In it, there’s a section that speaks of people earning a living being spiritual guides and more people will start to pay for these services. I don’t know why this concept was so foreign to me but the book changed my perception of it. I had heard your explanation of why you charge the price you do for readings and it helped complete the paradigm shift on paying for services that include spiritual energy.  Let’s just say I used to bake a lot of cakes for free. Your book Spirited was gifted to me and your videos are free so I felt the need to honor this new way of thinking and give back to you. I purchased your book, What the Dead have Taught Me About Living Well the next day.

I knew I would be gifted with some great messages but I didn’t expect this. Yours was the third book and the catalyst to what you hold in your hand. You mentioned malas as one of your go-to’s and since I’m on this path and looking for guidance I figured I’d see what they were about. After doing some research I knew I could figure out how to make one and got busy. More on that here. The first two I made for myself with the intention of re-connecting with my family on the other side. The first one, using a piece of turquoise directly connected to my grandfather. The second, a key inherited from my grandmother, his wife. The one with a key was purchased off my arm at Michael’s and the other is my go to for communication.

As I sit and work with each mala, names and faces come to me and inspire me to gift one. I get color and stone combinations without really knowing the person; then come to find out the ones I chose are actually quite fitting. Such as the case with yours. While I was working with it you kept coming to mind quite frequently. Let’s just say you’ve never popped in on any other ones. 🙂  I brushed the thoughts aside and put it on the website for sale. To be completely honest…. it’s my favorite one and I even considered keeping it for myself. Yet every time I looked at it, it gently reminded me that it was meant for you. As you go through the site you’ll see that most of my inspirations are loved ones that have passed. I’m not sure who picked that particular one for you but I hope you connect with it.

Again, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Your messages have been inspirational and the synchronicity is Divine.

Below is the original description of the mala. Feel free to contact me with any questions about it.

All the best,

| Eileen



Invite peace and healing back into your heart with this mala. As one of the most powerful heart chakra stones, Rhodonite encourages us to let go of old heartache and past trauma. Onyx lets us dive deeper into our heart and explore forgiveness while adding protection. Howlite helps us calmly process these emotions and provides us with peace and contentment. The Rose Quartz guru bead provides the finishing touch to dissolve those emotional wounds and speaks directly to the Heart chakra, allowing for full healing and opening us up to give and receive love.

Use as part of your meditation or wear it close to your heart during the day to remind you of your intentions to live heart centered.


Red Jasper, Carnelian, Onyx, Red Web Jasper & Moonstone

Like a Phoenix rising from the hot ashes, let the fiery colors of this mala help engage your Root and Sacral chakras. Energize and boost your sexual confidence with Carnelian, Onyx, and Jasper and feel their power as they stir those energies.

Carnelian and its red hot energy will let you express yourself with confidence while Onyx lets you do it with ease and true to yourself. A stone of passion, Red Jasper aids in compatibility and enhances tantric sex. The Divine Feminine of the ultimate fertility crystal, Moonstone will bring in a eroticism that can stimulate the kundalini energy and carnal desires.





Gifted to Santuario de Karuna.




I have this friend and she’s super amazing. She inspires me daily just for the fact that she lives life out loud. Damned if she doesn’t have some really rough days and with all honesty, throws it out there for everyone to see. If you read her blog she leaves it all on the table and I’ll be honest, some days are difficult to read. I love her braveness to expose herself to so much rawness in order to heal and her willingness to take on haters who would most likely challenge, judge and condemn her publicly. She no longer lives in the dark and her wounds and pain are brought to new light daily. I knew her in high school and I had no idea that her life was so painful. Twenty years later and we’re trying to find ways to heal from our experiences and it’s my opportunity to be a better friend this time around.

img_0288A beautiful soul who has been through so much. She recently lost her mother to cancer and it has been extremely difficult for her. Through Facebook I get to witness her life and watch her handle those curve balls we all get thrown but are usually too embarrassed to talk about. It is in those, she often expresses how much she misses her mother and Sherry’s Lessons are often a subject matter for her blog and reveal life lessons we can all use.

It is Coral’s honesty and fortitude that inspire me and with those gifts, she has shared stories about her mom that have made me chose a different path than I would have before. Grateful for the lessons, I was inspired to create this beauty in their honor.

A bit of research on the two of them and found they share similar stones in their astrology so coming up with a design was easy.

Mixed Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Onyx, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz and the medallion was inherited from my grandmother.

Mixed Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Onyx, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz and the medallion on the tassel was inherited from my grandmother. A bit of family love infused with healing stones and the desire to provide comfort for a mourning heart. Truly a joy to work with!


Mookite Power

There are some days when I walk in to a bead store and certain stones will just call to me. This was the case with Mookite. I had visited our local store a few times before I decided to buy them and I was oh so excited to work with them.


Enamored with the different colors I quickly went on the search to find out more about this stone. One of the first places I visit is Energy Muse. I find their information quite extensive and Mookite did not disappoint.

My head is usually in the clouds and so working with stones that have a strong grounding effect is a nice change. I can say that while I was working on this piece, I absolutely found myself mellow. No drama was to be had around me and it was nice to feel my feet on the ground.

The supporting stones are Carnelian and Onyx. The Guru bead is Tiger’s Eye.