Banded Agate1_wm
Banded Agate, Rutilated Agate, Quartz, Onyx, & Black Jade

Black and White. Yin and Yang.

I am so hypnotized by the different patterns each bead has in this mala. Spending time with each one sends me into a state of wonder and amazement.  In good light some of the stones even have transparency! Its funny how some beads are uniform in color and others have so much variety they can be hard to describe. This is one of those hard to describe malas.

Banded Agate and Rutilated Agate combine with Onyx, Quartz and Black Jade to bring a harmonious balance to your world. The gentle energy of Agate can help bring a slow and deliberate change in clarity, honesty, and peace. Rutile in the Agate helps to amplify these characters and bring in their own properties of strength and love. Three Quartz marker beads help boost your intentions and broadcast them to Universe while the Black Jade Guru bead acts as the ultimate protector and bodyguard for our etheric self.

While Agate and Onyx ground us to the Earth, Quartz and Jade spirit us off to the dream world and connects us to our higher self. Balance is key to manifesting our biggest dreams into reality on Earth.

| Peace


I have this friend and she’s super amazing. She inspires me daily just for the fact that she lives life out loud. Damned if she doesn’t have some really rough days and with all honesty, throws it out there for everyone to see. If you read her blog she leaves it all on the table and I’ll be honest, some days are difficult to read. I love her braveness to expose herself to so much rawness in order to heal and her willingness to take on haters who would most likely challenge, judge and condemn her publicly. She no longer lives in the dark and her wounds and pain are brought to new light daily. I knew her in high school and I had no idea that her life was so painful. Twenty years later and we’re trying to find ways to heal from our experiences and it’s my opportunity to be a better friend this time around.

img_0288A beautiful soul who has been through so much. She recently lost her mother to cancer and it has been extremely difficult for her. Through Facebook I get to witness her life and watch her handle those curve balls we all get thrown but are usually too embarrassed to talk about. It is in those, she often expresses how much she misses her mother and Sherry’s Lessons are often a subject matter for her blog and reveal life lessons we can all use.

It is Coral’s honesty and fortitude that inspire me and with those gifts, she has shared stories about her mom that have made me chose a different path than I would have before. Grateful for the lessons, I was inspired to create this beauty in their honor.

A bit of research on the two of them and found they share similar stones in their astrology so coming up with a design was easy.

Mixed Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Onyx, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz and the medallion was inherited from my grandmother.

Mixed Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Onyx, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz and the medallion on the tassel was inherited from my grandmother. A bit of family love infused with healing stones and the desire to provide comfort for a mourning heart. Truly a joy to work with!


Anna Marie


Anna Banana, that’s what we called her. She was only with us for two years. It was actually two days short of her of her second birthday when she was killed by a drunk driver.

Her mom and my mom are sisters and our families were extremely close when I was growing up. Anna Marie and I are only four years apart and I can remember playing with her in the front yard making mud pies. Her older sister turned in to my best friend growing up and very much like my own sister. Every summer we would each spend half of it with the others family. City living for her and country living for me. My aunt is the one who taught me how to ride a bike.


Anna Marie visits me often and I’m lucky to have a direct connection to the other side of the veil. It’s because of her that my view on death is very different than most and I celebrate and honor our bond. I created a mala for my aunt to honor her baby and it was also my opportunity to tell her about Anna Marie’s visits over the years since her passing. My aunt called her my angel.

It seems that Universe has conspired to perfectly time a birthday celebration for my cousin and I am able to share her with the world, exactly forty years after her death.

Like all malas I create I try to incorporate the persons natural birth characteristics, stones, and numerology to enhance the vibrations and healing energies in hopes of a stronger connection to the mala. My aunt is Aquarius and loves the color purple so it only made sense to use her power stone, Amethyst. Anna Marie’s power stone is Moonstone and is also incorporated along with crystal quartz for the guru bead. The lady bug comes courtesy of my aunt. She gave it to me quite a few years ago for my birthday and I wore her religiously since day one until I found my Om pendant. In fact, lady bug accompanied me on a motorcycle ride across the country in 2016.

Amethyst, Blue Goldstone, Moonstone, & Crystal Quartz

You may think giving a gift back is faux pas but because I loved that little lady bug so much it was an honor to pass her on to experience more adventures. Who better to steward her than someone who loves lady bugs enough to give them as gifts? When I gave her the mala it was her friend that informed me how much my aunt loves them.

An honor to create this memorabilia for my aunt. She and Anna Marie have done more for me than I can explain.

Happy Birthday baby girl! May your light shine bright in all our creations together.


Hiking Souvenir

Several years ago, on a hiking trip, I found a piece of turquoise that had once been used as jewelry before. Because of the location I found it in I’m certain that it is hundreds of years old. I’ve kept it ever since, waiting for an opportunity to use it.

This was my first mala ever made. I re-made the tassel using better yarn. (My first one was terrible)

Jasper, Crystal Quartz, and Turquoise.

She’s my favorite one.


Jasper, Crystal Quartz, Moonstone & Turquoise