Dear Rebecca,  there’s just too much to include in a tiny Thank You card and I’m certain there would be many more errors if I hand wrote this; so here’s more of the back story to your mala and your personal page for posterity. Oh yeah, I’m the one that entered a submission a few months back telling you of the cherry pit that fell on my laptop at the same time I was actually writing to you.

This year, I read three books that changed my life. You may have read them already. The first was Conversations With God. It unlocked the key to who I truly am and set me on a spiritual path that’s still being unveiled but one that I am committed to and excited to be on. The second was The Tenth Insight; Holding the Vision. In it, there’s a section that speaks of people earning a living being spiritual guides and more people will start to pay for these services. I don’t know why this concept was so foreign to me but the book changed my perception of it. I had heard your explanation of why you charge the price you do for readings and it helped complete the paradigm shift on paying for services that include spiritual energy.  Let’s just say I used to bake a lot of cakes for free. Your book Spirited was gifted to me and your videos are free so I felt the need to honor this new way of thinking and give back to you. I purchased your book, What the Dead have Taught Me About Living Well the next day.

I knew I would be gifted with some great messages but I didn’t expect this. Yours was the third book and the catalyst to what you hold in your hand. You mentioned malas as one of your go-to’s and since I’m on this path and looking for guidance I figured I’d see what they were about. After doing some research I knew I could figure out how to make one and got busy. More on that here. The first two I made for myself with the intention of re-connecting with my family on the other side. The first one, using a piece of turquoise directly connected to my grandfather. The second, a key inherited from my grandmother, his wife. The one with a key was purchased off my arm at Michael’s and the other is my go to for communication.

As I sit and work with each mala, names and faces come to me and inspire me to gift one. I get color and stone combinations without really knowing the person; then come to find out the ones I chose are actually quite fitting. Such as the case with yours. While I was working with it you kept coming to mind quite frequently. Let’s just say you’ve never popped in on any other ones. 🙂  I brushed the thoughts aside and put it on the website for sale. To be completely honest…. it’s my favorite one and I even considered keeping it for myself. Yet every time I looked at it, it gently reminded me that it was meant for you. As you go through the site you’ll see that most of my inspirations are loved ones that have passed. I’m not sure who picked that particular one for you but I hope you connect with it.

Again, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Your messages have been inspirational and the synchronicity is Divine.

Below is the original description of the mala. Feel free to contact me with any questions about it.

All the best,

| Eileen



Invite peace and healing back into your heart with this mala. As one of the most powerful heart chakra stones, Rhodonite encourages us to let go of old heartache and past trauma. Onyx lets us dive deeper into our heart and explore forgiveness while adding protection. Howlite helps us calmly process these emotions and provides us with peace and contentment. The Rose Quartz guru bead provides the finishing touch to dissolve those emotional wounds and speaks directly to the Heart chakra, allowing for full healing and opening us up to give and receive love.

Use as part of your meditation or wear it close to your heart during the day to remind you of your intentions to live heart centered.

Yellow Tiger

Yellow Tiger2Not too long ago I was at the bead store and this bright yellow strand was just screaming for me to pick it up and study it. It reminded me of summer and a slice of lemon pie. Fascinated to see what I could do with it I brought home a few. Nothing quite seemed to mesh until I had used Tiger’s Eye in another mala and was captivated by the yellow in it.

Garnet begins the journey as the first set of beads bringing a connection to Mother Earth and grounding our feet while providing energy movement up the spine. I’ve been fascinated with Garnet and I knew with the colors in the mixed Tiger’s Eye, I had a winner. Its association to the 1st, 4th, and 7th chakras  has been known to aid in the Kundalini awaking and is an ancient talisman.

Yellow Agate has the gentle vibration of slow and steady and it’s color is associated with the 3rd chakra. Setting intentions on clarity, decision making, and will power are aided by the natural properties of Agate and reinforced by it’s deliberate purpose. The 3rd chakra is also represented by the ultimate power stone, Tiger’s Eye. Another ancient talisman, this gem is known to sharpen senses and “see” using insight and perception.

Loving this Garnet, Agate, and Tiger’s Eye combination. Their natural healing and metaphysical properties make an easy friendship and can lend a hand in personal transformation.







Banded Agate1_wm
Banded Agate, Rutilated Agate, Quartz, Onyx, & Black Jade

Black and White. Yin and Yang.

I am so hypnotized by the different patterns each bead has in this mala. Spending time with each one sends me into a state of wonder and amazement.  In good light some of the stones even have transparency! Its funny how some beads are uniform in color and others have so much variety they can be hard to describe. This is one of those hard to describe malas.

Banded Agate and Rutilated Agate combine with Onyx, Quartz and Black Jade to bring a harmonious balance to your world. The gentle energy of Agate can help bring a slow and deliberate change in clarity, honesty, and peace. Rutile in the Agate helps to amplify these characters and bring in their own properties of strength and love. Three Quartz marker beads help boost your intentions and broadcast them to Universe while the Black Jade Guru bead acts as the ultimate protector and bodyguard for our etheric self.

While Agate and Onyx ground us to the Earth, Quartz and Jade spirit us off to the dream world and connects us to our higher self. Balance is key to manifesting our biggest dreams into reality on Earth.

| Peace


Denim Lapis, Onyx, Howlite, Amethyst, Guru bead, and Moonstone on the tassel.

Once again, through Coral, I am inspired. She has these amazing friends that keep popping up. I love seeing people helping people and her friend Lisa is no exception. You can just read, in Coral’s words, how much Lisa is loved and appreciated.

I can’t explain how I choose to create a new mala. Sometimes it’s the stones, a color, a memory or a person. It can even be a special date or just a full moon in a certain sign. It was in a post that Coral beautifully described all the things Lisa has done for her that inspired me to create this one. One that honored their friendship and Lisa.

I was told that her favorite color is blue and her favorite stone is Amethyst. Going off those two details and a quick peak at her social media I came up with this blue dream. I prefer to keep the final details secret hoping the the mala will speak for itself once it’s held, especially since I didn’t even include a list of the stones I used. Surprise!

Denim Lapis are like little mini water worlds with shades of light and dark blues. They carry the energies of healing and is associated with the Throat chakra. White Howlite marker beads have excellent properties ranging from calming and patience to expanding the consciousness and connecting to the moon, while Onyx brings in protection and and security. An Amethyst Guru bead to signify Lisa’s birthstone will help clear negative energy and connect the Crown chakra. Small but powerful, Moonstone can be your link to your own Divine Goddess. Associated with the Heart chakra it can open us up to giving and receiving love more freely.

I just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to someone I don’t know but who has clearly made a difference in my friends life. I hope these crystals enhance Lisa’s natural Divine gifts as she’s clearly a loving friend. The world is a better place because of her and her light is truly an inspiration.

Thank you for your friendship!

| Love & Peace


Red Jasper, Carnelian, Onyx, Red Web Jasper & Moonstone

Like a Phoenix rising from the hot ashes, let the fiery colors of this mala help engage your Root and Sacral chakras. Energize and boost your sexual confidence with Carnelian, Onyx, and Jasper and feel their power as they stir those energies.

Carnelian and its red hot energy will let you express yourself with confidence while Onyx lets you do it with ease and true to yourself. A stone of passion, Red Jasper aids in compatibility and enhances tantric sex. The Divine Feminine of the ultimate fertility crystal, Moonstone will bring in a eroticism that can stimulate the kundalini energy and carnal desires.





Gifted to Santuario de Karuna.




Being asked to create a mala for someone you’ve never met can be a challenge.

Turquoise, Amethyst, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, and Moonstone.

Such as the case with this one. A friend of a friend saw Coral and asked if I would create one for her. She mentioned that she likes Turquoise and Amethyst. Creeping through her Facebook page gave me enough information to put together the mala here.

Tamara runs an animal sanctuary and is very involved in educating the community. It seemed fitting that the medallion on the tassel would be a cuff link inherited by my grandfather. He was a doctor here in Albuquerque with healing hands and a caring heart. You can read more about him here. Sharing these qualities make them a perfect pair.

Cheers to saving lives and making a difference!




Dear Mr. Walsch,

I finished your book yesterday, 8.28.18. I must admit, I’m as giddy as a school girl. I hope you’ll see the letters and gift sent to you are, in fact, confirmations of normal, every day people waking up and accepting the challenge to Awaken the Species. In changing my self and being consciously aware to make better choices with and for those around me, I have seen a difference in how I treat them and how they respond. I call it “The Slow Death of Ego”. It’s a struggle every day but it is getting easier. Traffic is still a challenge but my attitude has shifted considerably and more to the positive.

In light of your recent heart issues, I’m am happy to say that the mala in your hands is extremely beneficial for heart ailments and the heart chakra. You may want to keep it after all. 🙂

One of the ways that I take inspiration is from my family members. Especially those that have passed. My paternal grandmother passed away back in 1995 and while I was able to spend some time with her I don’t think I had the opportunity to really know her.

Now that I look back on family pictures and hear stories about her I’m able to appreciate her and see her in a new light. In honor of my grandmother, Garnet B. Rice.

Made with Desert Jasper, Turquoise, Garnet, and Rose Quartz. The key was inherited from my grandmother.

Here is a link to the original letters sent to Mr. Walsch for those who would like a back story as to why this mala was gifted.