Welcome to Memory Mala, where I use crystal beads, Universal Life Force Energy, and family heirlooms to create one of a kind mala’s to connect with higher power on a daily. Each one comes with a story that I will share, giving you the opportunity to get to know how the crystals work for my family and friends and how I partner with Spirit, Universe, guides and loved ones to infuse unconditional love, wisdom and healing to help each person create their own change. Through a combination of gifts from Creator and Mother Earth, I am able to intuitively know what stones will help each individual.

Each mala is created using the wearers natural vibration and stones are chosen based on their needs and healing. Many stones have double meaning such as birth dates and death dates, astrological sign and natural healing powers, as well as natural vibration and look with each medallion or special infusion. While most traditional malas are created using 108 beads, I  use additional beads as markers or for special purpose on the tassel. Bead count can also vary depending on my clients requests for size and purpose.

I truly enjoy making each piece and connecting to the energy and vibe of the wearer. By tapping into Life Force and asking guardians and loved ones to bless each mala is enhancing each one with wisdom and love from beyond. I believe remembering our loved ones in their highest and best form can call in their spirit and allow them to guide us. We can honor their time and contribution in this lifetime while giving them an opportunity to help us from the other side.