Cannabis is an important herb in our house and we’re fortunate to have a program in our state that allows for medical marijuana. For those who are looking for more information below are links for the Department of Health website as well as links for their applications.

New Mexico Department of Health

Patient Application

Personal Production Application

Caregiver Application



Happy Birthday!

As it turns out, the cannabis industry wasn’t as easy as I thought…

In 2017 Canna Connect became an approved NM DOH courier for the cannabis program. Setting out to help the patients with our delivery business and partnering with Fruit of the Earth Organics in Santa Fe, we were able to get our courier license in March. Let’s just say, Universe decided the courier business was not to be ours.

Because of federal law, cannabis banking issues, and NM DOH regulations for couriers, we never really got the business going. More importantly, events in 2017 set us on a different path and our vision for Canna Connect changed over the year. We were ahead of our time, (un)fortunately it just wasn’t the right time. A delivery program is still much needed and thankfully, local dispensaries are starting to make that happen but last year afforded me the opportunity to see the industry up close and I‘ve decided step away and take a different approach.

How’s that for impact?

Although 2017 seemed to be the year from hell for a lot of people, I just look at it as a course correction. I’m still passionate about cannabis and access for all patients but I felt like I wasn’t making enough of an impact. I can stay at home baking keif cookies, crocheting beanies, and supporting my family while educating other patients through my own experiences. And to be honest, that seems a hell of a lot more fun and helpful than trying to run a business that the government doesn’t support and tries to shut down. Plus I can reach so many more people this way!

With that being said, while I’m not delivering cannabis any more, I am delivering a whole new cannabis experience. My goal is to educate and advocate. I have a special affinity for seniors and I will do what I can in my community to help them. Seems appropriate since I’m an old soul and I like to do crafty stuff. You’ll be seeing a lot of Canna Crafts, especially since it’s winter right now and I’m on a mission to make my home a summer retreat this year.

I’m thankful for everyone who helped Canna Connect get started as a courier service and I’m looking forward to seeing their businesses grow. It’s just time we got out of the fast lane.

So here we go. Today I’m celebrating my birthday with a re-birth of sorts.

Welcome, where life happens on weed and it’s so enjoyable!