Cannabis is an important herb in our house and we’re fortunate to have a program in our state that allows for medical marijuana. For those who are looking for more information below are links for the Department of Health website as well as links for their applications.

New Mexico Department of Health

Patient Application

Personal Production Application

Caregiver Application



How to clean your glass

There’s nothing quite like taking your first hit of a new strain from a clean apparatus. True flavors can be appreciated and not tainted with old resin and ash. Check out our dirty glass below, before I cleaned them.

All you need is some salt and 91% alcohol. I like to use my super long pincers and a magic eraser. It helps to get those tough to reach and hard to clean areas.

Pour in some salt and alcohol – and shake! Be careful if you have fragile pieces with necks or fine details, we don’t want those to break.

Instead of pouring it down the sink, we reuse ours by saving it in a plastic tub after use. Once it’s empty, make sure you rinse well. Salt can hide in small areas and the alcohol can be tasted if not rinsed thoroughly.

You’ve now got shiny clean glass! Sit back and admire the beauty of your piece.

My most gratifying piece to clean…  I seriously thought it was made black. Nope, clear glass with blue and yellow.

Enjoy the full flavor of your medicine by spending a few minutes to clean your pieces once in awhile, it’s worth it. Residual ash and resin can build up tainting your first inhale of fresh medicine.

So do yourself a flavor and clean your glass, then show me your before and after pictures!

– Peace

Tolerance Break

I need one.


And the struggle is real. I can’t remember when I last took one but it was a long time ago. Now I need a serious one, for several reasons. I don’t get high anymore, at least not like I used to. My lungs and throat could use it. It’s expensive. Anything I smoke puts me to sleep, anything. Edibles, sleep. Vape, sleep. I should be caught up on my sleep but I feel exhausted all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I sleep damn good at night but it’s never enough and I don’t remember my dreams anymore. And that’s a pisser. Which is my main reason for wanting a tolerance break.

Before weed I loved falling asleep at night because I looked forward to what dreams would show up. They were so vivid and telling but the downside was that I would get bouts of insomnia. Now I sleep all night, but I can’t remember my dreams. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can balance this one. Smoking has become such a part of my life that it’s hard to just not smoke. Thomas needs it for his pain and so his consumption is way up there. He could use a tolerance break as well but for him it’s much harder. The pain gets unbearable. For me, it’s not so bad and I can go longer periods of time without cannabis.

But let’s be honest; while we’re smoking our medicine for the aches and pains, there’s also a social aspect to it. I love sitting in the bathtub with my hubby, sharing a joint and 4 bowls, listening to music and talking about the day. Sitting around with my family laughing our asses off about whatever is always fun. Our house is probably very different than most in that we have two adult kids living with us and a third that comes over and hangs. They’re all over 21 and each have their own lives but we spend a lot of time together and the majority involves smoking, drinking, and just having fun. img_5976

It’s hard to participate in things like that when I’m the one person not partaking and the natural habit is to puff, puff, pass; I usually give in to the offer. So here I am, getting ready to load another bowl and contemplating another tolerance break. They say I should get rid of all the weed in the house before I quit. Another justification for lighting up. Maybe I should just go camping for two weeks alone. Or, maybe I should just slow down and plan a little better. Tolerance breaks are still needed and I don’t see cannabis leaving anytime soon, I suppose I’ll have to figure out a way to do both. Probably cutting back is a good start.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes before my dreams start making an appearance once I actually commit to a break. I’m certain I’ll be writing those down as they come.


Happy Birthday!

As it turns out, the cannabis industry wasn’t as easy as I thought…

In 2017 Canna Connect became an approved NM DOH courier for the cannabis program. Setting out to help the patients with our delivery business and partnering with Fruit of the Earth Organics in Santa Fe, we were able to get our courier license in March. Let’s just say, Universe decided the courier business was not to be ours.

Because of federal law, cannabis banking issues, and NM DOH regulations for couriers, we never really got the business going. More importantly, events in 2017 set us on a different path and our vision for Canna Connect changed over the year. We were ahead of our time, (un)fortunately it just wasn’t the right time. A delivery program is still much needed and thankfully, local dispensaries are starting to make that happen but last year afforded me the opportunity to see the industry up close and I‘ve decided step away and take a different approach.

How’s that for impact?

Although 2017 seemed to be the year from hell for a lot of people, I just look at it as a course correction. I’m still passionate about cannabis and access for all patients but I felt like I wasn’t making enough of an impact. I can stay at home baking keif cookies, crocheting beanies, and supporting my family while educating other patients through my own experiences. And to be honest, that seems a hell of a lot more fun and helpful than trying to run a business that the government doesn’t support and tries to shut down. Plus I can reach so many more people this way!

With that being said, while I’m not delivering cannabis any more, I am delivering a whole new cannabis experience. My goal is to educate and advocate. I have a special affinity for seniors and I will do what I can in my community to help them. Seems appropriate since I’m an old soul and I like to do crafty stuff. You’ll be seeing a lot of Canna Crafts, especially since it’s winter right now and I’m on a mission to make my home a summer retreat this year.

I’m thankful for everyone who helped Canna Connect get started as a courier service and I’m looking forward to seeing their businesses grow. It’s just time we got out of the fast lane.

So here we go. Today I’m celebrating my birthday with a re-birth of sorts.

Welcome, where life happens on weed and it’s so enjoyable!

What is a Memory Mala?

Traditionally, malas are Buddhist prayer garlands used during meditation consisting of 108 beads and 1 larger guru bead that closes the loop. Each smaller bead represents a breath, a mantra, and/or intention and is used to keep count while the guru bead represents the student-teacher relationship. You can read more about traditional malas here. I believe a mala can also be an object used to help a person connect to their higher power(s), guides, and/or intentions. A worry stone, a piece of jewelry, a totem, a baseball cap, a rosary, anything we can physically touch and carry that helps remind us of who we are and what our purpose is, can be considered a mala. Have you ever found yourself touching your wedding ring when you lovingly think of your spouse or grabbing your favorite blanket that your grandma crocheted when things get rough because it reminds you that you are loved? These gifts remind us of who we are in the world and connect us to a higher power through unconditional love.

Each mala I create has a story and a purpose. Sometimes it’s a tribute to a loved one with birthstones, sometimes a healing journey with stones to help physical, mental, and/or spiritual ailments, a business venture that uses stones to attract abundance, or for guidance in manifesting a future unseen. With life as busy as it is and being bombarded with information from computers, phones, TV, family and friends…. sitting quietly can be hard to do; much less putting that stuff away to sit purposely and not think about anything or only one thing. For me, setting aside time to meditate is difficult and so I find myself communicating with my higher powers during my day doing everyday things. Usually, while I’m driving or going for a walk, taking a shower or even while I vacuum. Wearing a mala on a daily basis helps me to focus on my goals, plus I get to carry multiple healing crystals with me and harness their power in every day situations. You can read of a particular time when a mala called to me right before a stressful encounter here. Depending on each design and crystal combination, I rely on them to remind me of my intentions when my mind isn’t focused and I will often ask for guidance in certain situations. I recently decided to work more closely with my guides and wanted to create a mala that would remind me of this goal. I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to explain how a mala works for me and to show the creation process. Mehiel2

In 2017, I had an experience that encouraged me to find out more about myself in a more Universal way and I started learning about numerology, astrology, soul groups, and guides. I found that being born on February 8th awarded me the guidance of “The Vivifying God” and after some research, which there is very little of, I realized I was much like others described in his group. It’s taken over a year to be comfortable enough in my role to actually start working with this guide. I created this particular mala to help me connect to my Guardian Angel Mehiel. According to the information I found, the color that best connects to him is brown and the best stone for this is Tiger’s Eye. Some of my favorite mala’s I’ve created for others have been using mixed Tiger’s Eye and I was super excited to finally be creating one for myself, especially one so important.

The next best stone to connect with him is Smokey Quartz. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on hand and couldn’t find any in the local bead stores. I wanted to complete this mala in time for the new moon in Scorpio so I could charge it with new intentions and I definitely didn’t have time to order any since I only had one day to put it together. I opted instead for another brown stone I had on hand and had been wanting to use for myself anyway, brown banded Jasper. Along with it’s metaphysical properties it’s also a valuable conduit to Mehiel. As I looked for the remaining stones to use I became aware that I hadn’t worked with Onyx very much and Rose Quartz was nowhere in my arsenal. When a mala starts to be realized I can go through as many as different stones and combinations as there are stars in the sky, so creating the perfect infusion can be time consuming, especially when I’m researching their properties. I’ve been known to miss more than one new or full moon or a special event but thankfully, if I can let go of my perfectionism, the design can come together quickly and quite nicely. Such as the case with Mehiel.

I knew I wanted this mala to remind me that I have an angel working with me, not just any angel, but one that has been willingly assigned to look out for me and help me along in my path. I chose the colors to represent him and the stones to amplify my intent with their metaphysical properties. Below is a list of the crystals and how each one is helping me to either remember my goal or accomplish it.

Yellow Tiger’s Eye – Focus and insight. Keen observation. Supports change, creativity, talent and abilities. Stimulating wealth. Reflects Spirit through actions

Blue Hawk’s Eye – Authoritative. Deeper insight and awareness. Increased sensory gifts. Align with cosmic forces for inspirational guidance.

Red Ox Eye – Contains Hematite, grounding. Courage, inner strength and self confidence. Enthusiasm, determination, and action.

Onyx – Powerful. Has a history of negative traits but with work and intent can banish grief and release physical and emotional wounds, drawing in happiness and good fortune. Retains energy and can hold physical memories. Centering and alignment to connect to higher powers for guidance. Can absorb from Universe the energies needed.

Brown Jasper – Beads and Guru Bead. Nurturer and healer. Courage and wisdom. Grants access to past lives for karmic healing. Connection to ancient past for retrieval of spiritual knowledge for use in this present to help heal humanity and the planet.

Rose Quartz – Unconditional love. Direct heart chakra. Giving and receiving. High spiritual attunement. Mothering crystal; nurturing of self. Forgiveness of past mistakes. Erasing primal imprints and replacing with and accepting infinite source of love from self. Higher consciousness.

Pietersite – Discharges negative energy and clears the aura. Increases personal will and intuitive abilities. Brings up internalized feelings and conflicts to begin the healing process and move towards highest good. Clears stagnant energy. Actionable will. Promotes truth and honesty. Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Third Eye stimulation. Shamanic journeying. You will see something in a new light.

Rainbow Moonstone on a white and brown tassel – Connects us to Divine inspiration. Increased synchronicity. Intuition and insight. Clarity and Crown Chakra. Strong connection to the spiritual world. Fertility and moon cycles.  The tassel can represent many things and my personal mantra for this particular one is “Thank you for the guidance and protection as I am birthed into a new light”. The white in the tassel represents a new beginning in my journey with clarity and a blank slate; while the brown represents Mehiel and his many gifts as my guardian.

I literally strung this mala during the night of the new moon and set it outside, with the rest of my crystals, for the remainder of the morning to charge. I grabbed about four hours of sleep and was excited to see what the day would bring while I wore it. I wasn’t disappointed as several messages came through that day with 333. A license plate, a Facebook post, a verbal conversation, and the time on the microwave, all indicating I’m on the right track and I am being helped. I have to admit though, it’s a powerful combination and I had a few emotional moments during the day. I have to face some fears about money and health and those came to the front quickly, all of which are part of the healing process. I have to remember that I am in control of my thoughts and these feelings need to be addressed so I can move forward in my evolution; but I have to face my fears and handle them differently than I have in the past. As I continue to work with Mehiel I will wear it when it feels right or when I am meditating and looking for specific answers and guidance from my angel.

Hopefully I’ve explained how a mala can become a tool to help you remember your goals and intentions while connecting to your higher self, powers, guides, and loved ones. Memory Malas can also become heirlooms for loved ones. As we see with Onyx, some crystals can carry the memory of the wearer along with lessons and messages. Passing on our love is one way to stay connected even after we’ve departed this earth. I personally enjoy other people holding my mala’s and letting them feel their intensity but it’s important to remember to smudge/clean/charge your stones to keep them healthy and pure with the essence of your highest and best self. Releasing negative energy is an important part of keeping your tools sharp and stones can pick up lots of baggage that we don’t need or want to carry forward with us. Visit the website to see how other crystal combinations help me and my clients or use my Contact page to reach me with any questions.


|Peace and Love