When I met Ellen I had already been following her Facebook page and watching her help clients for a while. I wanted to see if what I did would help her do what she does. It took us awhile to finally connect and when we did we had a great time getting to know each other.  Sitting at the local coffee and chocolate house we talked about what she was needing in her life and how a mala could help. The main request was clarity. She wanted to use Abalone and likes blues and greens.

Amazonite is the majority of the stones along with Aventurine sprinkled in the mix. Amazonite is a good luck stone that echoes the color of the Amazon river. A stone of clarity it works with the Heart and Throat chakras to truthfully communicate our hearts desires. Amazonite helps create opportunities of being in the right place at the right time and prosperity. Add “The Luckiest Stone” to the mix and opportunities abound. Aventurine quiets roving thoughts and is a reaffirming stone during times of change aiding in clarity. Also working with the Heart chakra, Aventurine encourages us to…. Speculate to accumulate.

While Ellen was able to go through some of my personal mala’s she gravitated towards the Aquamarine, which is natural since she has a fondness for the ocean. As a connection stone to the sea it’s conducive to revelations and accelerates intellectual reasoning and is used by prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics.

Onyx beads are used as markers to harnesses the power of cleansing and releasing negative energy so that thoughts can be interpreted more clearly. A great stone for protection and overcoming hesitancy with strong intuition.

One of the other stones Ellen was attracted to was Pietersite. One of my personal favorites, it is often called the Tempest Stone and is considered to hold the “Key to the Heavens”. I was able to find just the right shade of blue to compliment the greens and use it as a the Guru bead. Comprised of Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Jasper in Quartz; Pietersite is an amazing stone to use for inner guidance, wisdom and making the right choices. It helps open us up to new thoughts and ideas as well as being more observant. The yellow and browns in Tiger’s Eye works with the lower chakras while the blue in the Hawk’s Eye works with the Throat and Third Eye chakras. Pietersite creates a clearing and cleansing of energy fields and is great for aligning all chakra’s. As the Guru bead, it’s an extremely powerful bead that enhances the other beads intentions through it’s own Quartz powers and student/teacher relationship. Perfect for shamanic journeying and seeing the big picture over time.

The tassel always represents the lotus flower and reminds us that without mud there would be no lotus while white symbolizes new birth and new beginnings with a clean slate. Adding Abalone adds natural shielding with tranquility and confidence while a higher perspective allows us to view situations with understanding. The mother-of-pearl that lines the abalone shell, in tandem with the shell itself, are said to activate intuitive qualities like clarity in regards to situations.

Using all the stones in the mala and harnessing their natural powers can aid in the clarity desired. Depending on how often you use/handle your mala, you may want to sage, cleanse, and charge accordingly. To learn more about each stone please visit some of my favorite websites below.


|Peace & Love


Amazonite – Stone of Courage and Truth used to communicate true thoughts. A stone of prosperity it assists one in being in the right place at the right time for new opportunities. Increase in clarity and self-esteem.

Aventurine – Thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. Aligns conditions so that opportunity is inevitable. Works with the Heart chakra and brings joy and a zest for life. Reinforces decisiveness and helps with geopathic stress. Balances emotions bringing inner harmony.

Aquamarine – Calming, connection to the sea, conducive to revelations, a stone of shamans. Works with the Throat chakra. Accelerates intellectual reasoning. Travel crystal, especially near or around water or over long distance. Useful through transition and change. Empowerment. Ani-aging effects and useful in baths along with salts.

Onyx – A powerful warrior stone it helps stop negative thought patterns. Free’s one from self-doubt and is a marvelous stone for wise decision-making and amplifying intuitive gifts. Keen senses and sharp instincts. Great for energy retention when a boost is needed to keep up physically. Helps block and transmute negative energy from others by releasing it back to Universe as a more positive vibration. Happiness and good fortune are around the corner.

Pietersite – Capable of tapping in to Akashic records. Master skills of teaching and speaking. Grounds the physical energy centers to etheric realms. Holds the “Key to the Heavens”.

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