Alex1_wmI’m always in awe when signs come through to validate a mala I’m creating. While working on Alex, more than once did I feel angels giving me direction and validation. It started a few days ago when I was at the craft store wasting time while a prescription was being filled. I had thirty minutes to waste and JoAnne’s was just down the street. It wasn’t until I was ready to leave when these blue and green Jasper caught my attention. I thought of Alex right away. Not knowing if these were the right shades of color I felt pulled to get them anyway and asked for a sign. I knew I could use them for any other mala but I needed to know if these were for his mom. Waiting in line I was watching the progression and wondering which of the two cashiers I would get. I had had one of the ladies before and knew she was pleasant. The other one seemed like she was having a rough day and I was mentally preparing myself to make it a smooth transaction. I was next in line when another cashier came on to help. All I could think was, Thank You! As I was putting my stuff down and starting to chat with him I looked up to see his name tag, Alex.

I always ask guides and Universe for wisdom and light and I’ll say a prayer and invite any loved ones to bring in their highest and best energy.  I’ll light some candles, an incense, put on some groove music and get to work. Yesterday as I sat down to string the mala I had some hesitation at the third marker.  This is the half-way point and can be an important marker bead, especially if it’s worn around the neck. My original intention was to continue with the Howlite but something made me question it and I looked through my stash to see what I had on hand. The only one that made sense was Amethyst, his birthstone. I pulled out both and neither seemed to fit but the Cape Amethyst had a better feel. After struggling for a while I decided to stick with my original decision. As I went to reach across my table, the bowl of Jaspers got knocked over, sending them rolling right to the bag of Cape Amethyst. Hello!!

I strung the third marker bead as his birthstone and the closest to heaven when momma wears it around her neck. As soon as the Hematite next to it was knotted, I was gifted a message from one of my favorite messengers. An email from Rebecca Rosen chimed on my phone and I was inclined to read it at that moment. The words couldn’t have been more perfectly timed and I’m sharing them here.

img_0898I’m headed to Alex’s services and my heart is breaking for my cousin and her family. Today’s services will be hard and it also gives us a chance to celebrate. I imagine he’s in the arms of all our loved ones that have passed and they are watching us with love and compassion. In all my years at funerals it always makes me smile when I hear laughter. It seems like it would be out of place but in reality, it gives our family an opportunity to see people we haven’t seen in years and appreciate those relationships. Laughter is always around when we’re telling stories about each other and loving out loud. It gives me hope that even though today sucks, happiness will come around again. It won’t be the same, because we evolve from our experiences, but we will find joy again and I try to focus on that.

A tribute to my cousin Alex and his family. Thank you for gifting us your time here. You are loved and will be missed.

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