Dear Rebecca,  there’s just too much to include in a tiny Thank You card and I’m certain there would be many more errors if I hand wrote this; so here’s more of the back story to your mala and your personal page for posterity. Oh yeah, I’m the one that entered a submission a few months back telling you of the cherry pit that fell on my laptop at the same time I was actually writing to you.

This year, I read three books that changed my life. You may have read them already. The first was Conversations With God. It unlocked the key to who I truly am and set me on a spiritual path that’s still being unveiled but one that I am committed to and excited to be on. The second was The Tenth Insight; Holding the Vision. In it, there’s a section that speaks of people earning a living being spiritual guides and more people will start to pay for these services. I don’t know why this concept was so foreign to me but the book changed my perception of it. I had heard your explanation of why you charge the price you do for readings and it helped complete the paradigm shift on paying for services that include spiritual energy.  Let’s just say I used to bake a lot of cakes for free. Your book Spirited was gifted to me and your videos are free so I felt the need to honor this new way of thinking and give back to you. I purchased your book, What the Dead have Taught Me About Living Well the next day.

I knew I would be gifted with some great messages but I didn’t expect this. Yours was the third book and the catalyst to what you hold in your hand. You mentioned malas as one of your go-to’s and since I’m on this path and looking for guidance I figured I’d see what they were about. After doing some research I knew I could figure out how to make one and got busy. More on that here. The first two I made for myself with the intention of re-connecting with my family on the other side. The first one, using a piece of turquoise directly connected to my grandfather. The second, a key inherited from my grandmother, his wife. The one with a key was purchased off my arm at Michael’s and the other is my go to for communication.

As I sit and work with each mala, names and faces come to me and inspire me to gift one. I get color and stone combinations without really knowing the person; then come to find out the ones I chose are actually quite fitting. Such as the case with yours. While I was working with it you kept coming to mind quite frequently. Let’s just say you’ve never popped in on any other ones. 🙂  I brushed the thoughts aside and put it on the website for sale. To be completely honest…. it’s my favorite one and I even considered keeping it for myself. Yet every time I looked at it, it gently reminded me that it was meant for you. As you go through the site you’ll see that most of my inspirations are loved ones that have passed. I’m not sure who picked that particular one for you but I hope you connect with it.

Again, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Your messages have been inspirational and the synchronicity is Divine.

Below is the original description of the mala. Feel free to contact me with any questions about it.

All the best,

| Eileen



Invite peace and healing back into your heart with this mala. As one of the most powerful heart chakra stones, Rhodonite encourages us to let go of old heartache and past trauma. Onyx lets us dive deeper into our heart and explore forgiveness while adding protection. Howlite helps us calmly process these emotions and provides us with peace and contentment. The Rose Quartz guru bead provides the finishing touch to dissolve those emotional wounds and speaks directly to the Heart chakra, allowing for full healing and opening us up to give and receive love.

Use as part of your meditation or wear it close to your heart during the day to remind you of your intentions to live heart centered.

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