Re-purposed Rosary

I was asked to incorporate a rosary that was given to my husband by his friend.

Rosary beads, mixed Tigers Eye, and Onyx.

It had been purchased in Jerusalem by his friends aunt and through the rounds became my husbands. For years it has been hanging on every car mirror we’ve ever had but had finally lost most of the beads and had been rigged to hang.

It was supposed to be for our car but Thomas fell in love with it and decided to carry it in his pocket instead. The picture doesn’t do its beauty justice.





 Update: Thomas wanted a heavier tassel because he keeps his in his pocket and the thread would bunch up and get messed up. I decided to re-string the whole lot since the wooden beads had started to stretch the yarn. Much tighter and added another bead to each side of the wooden beads to help keep it in place. The tassel is made with the same yarn as the mala so it stays helps it stay put and in all honesty I forgot to add the last three beads so I had to incorporate it in the tassel. He loves it and that’s all that matters.

| Peace


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